That is the question. It is at the core of civilization that men of spiritual, intellectual and philosophical knowledge bring their oratory skills to a public place to make their point of view an object of public scrutiny. However I would like to say that often conflicting points of view turn into ugly wars of denigration and verbal abuse. For example it is impossible for democrats and republicans to debate because there is prejudice and ancient hatreds that cloud the minds of both participants and if an independent comes in he is automatically dismissed as irrelevant. But I say let everyman have his say and let other men decide who has won the debate. This means there can be no democrats or Republican in the jury because they will automatically skewer the results of the poll. I am ready to debate anybody and ready 4 anything. Obviously debate and then vote is the solution. The winner will probably have knowledge in all fields. Domestic, foreign and the communication skills to deal with both. I am an American but I cannot run for president because I have previous commitments that I must attend to but I do propose one candidate that has impressed me. It is Jesse Ventura. AKA the body Ventura from former wrestling days. He can hold his own in a debate and is interested in political reforms.